reverse mortgage Seal Beach

reverse mortgage Seal Beach

Getting a Seal Beach reverse mortgage is an ideal way to own a home without going through the hassle of getting a traditional mortgage. In addition, reverse mortgage payments allow you to maintain your standards of living in your senior years.

Age Qualification

Only people in their senior years, 62 and above can apply for our reverse mortgage in Seal Beach. This type of mortgage offers you opportunities to manage your household expenses while living in the home you own. Our clients who wish to delay their social security benefits take advantage of our reverse mortgage loan offers.

Excellent Package

Our firm offers three main types of reverse mortgage options:

  • Single-purpose mortgages
  • Proprietary mortgages
  • Home equity conversion mortgage

Our clients typically take single-purpose reverse mortgages to settle specific expenses. It could be a loan to pay off a home or clear credit card debt. A single purpose mortgage is the least expensive reverse home mortgage we offer.

Our company offers proprietary reverse mortgages to homeowners with high equity on their properties. As a private lending institution, we are the sole providers of proprietary reverse mortgages. Clients with less debt on their homes will find this loan option very lucrative. This reverse mortgage allows you to cash out in lump sums on proprietary loans. 

Our company is an FHA-approved lending facility, which means we can provide home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) loans. Our clients with high equity are eligible for higher HECM loans.


We usually advise our clients to reverse mortgages before financial problems hit. Our reverse mortgage can ensure you live a comfortable life with all expenses catered for. Taking our reverse mortgage early allows you to supplement your pension income and enjoy a high quality of life while still having a roof over your head. The best part, we will only expect you to pay back your reverse mortgage in full if you sell your home or move. 

Take Advantage of High Home Equity Value

Many of our apply for reverse mortgage loans that match their home equity. If a client speculates their home's value will increase in the future, it guarantees them a surplus after paying off the loan. The surplus can fund the client's lifestyle, or it can be given out as inheritance.

Favorable Terms

Our reverse mortgages have some of the best terms and fees on the market. The fees are designed to manage expenses and avoid defaulting penalties. You only pay a servicing fee if your loan has a monthly or annually adjustable interest rate. This fee caters to services rendered when adjusting reverse mortgage loan interest rates. 

For example, a client pays a home origination fee if their home equity is less than $125,000. Homes with higher equity are charged a 2% origination fee for the first $200,000. Charges drop to 1% for the remaining amount above $200,000.  These terms are extremely favorable compared to the terms of other mortgage lenders on the market. They allow our clients to manage their loans and expenses without stretching their finances too thin.

Our institution offers affordable reverse mortgage loans in Seal Beach. Please contact Revers Loan Solutions at 800-791-5626 to speak with a loan counselor.

reverse mortgage Seal Beach

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